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CNC Interpreting
CNC Interpreting

Code of Conduct

Through my work I uphold the values and dignity of the interpreting profession. As a member of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), I adhere to their Code of Professional Conduct. The code guides every aspect of my practice, ensuring I provide services of the highest ethical and professional standard. Below I have outlined how the code of conduct directs my work.

I keep all information related to the job and those involved private.
I only share this information when necessary, such as for scheduling purposes or when required by law.
I only accept jobs where I meet the required skills and knowledge.
I do not discriminate who I provide my services to.
I continuously assess the needs of the situation and the consumers, and I adjust my work as needed.
I produce interpretations that are accurate in content and spirit.
I do not provide personal opinions or advice.
I present myself with appropriate demeanor and appearance.
I collaborate with involved parties to ensure smooth services, such as gathering prep materials, deciding placement, etc.
I decline work if I am not physically, emotionally, and mentally fit.
I avoid dual roles and conflicts of interest.
Respect for Consumers
I respect a consumer’s right to choose their interpreter and their preferred language.
I recognize and support each consumer’s independence.
I facilitate communication access and equality by interpreting the full interaction.
Respect for Colleagues
I work with my fellow interpreters as colleagues, mentors, and team members.
I uphold my colleagues to the standards of this Code of Conduct.
Business Practices
I represent my qualifications honestly.
I honor my professional commitments.
I charge fair and reasonable fees.
I provide pro bono (free) services judiciously.
Professional Development
I continuously strengthen and expand my professional skills and knowledge.
I maintain an understanding of current laws and policies relevant to the profession.

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